Child-safe & pet friendly

FOR – garden lawns, decking, balconies, rooftops, dog-runs, golf & putting greens, special needs



Safe & designed to last years

FOR – schools, creches, montessori, play-areas, play centres, all year round play surfaces



Versatile & value for money

FOR – retail, shop floors, window displays, events, outdoor areas, office foyers, reception areas


Does any of this look familiar?

Meet Mark

Installation Demo


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Welcome to Grassland
Naas, Co.Kildare

The new home for Artificial Grass in Ireland

We have recently moved our offices and showrooms to our new complex (still in Naas). A one-stop shop for our customers and landscapers for anything artificial grass related.

Welcome to Grassland

You’re in good hands now …

You are frustrated with your current outdoor space, right?

Muck getting dragged into the house?

Too much work and time* to cut and maintain the lawn? (it rains when you do get a chance, or the mower won’t start, maybe no petrol, or yeah, ‘but the match is just about to start’ – Dad).

Have the kids nowhere clean and safe to play?

Does the dog, with his wee and poo, make it impossible to manage?



We’ll, we’re the people** to sort out your garden or play ground for you, for once and for all.

So please go ahead and browse our site. See what we’ve done over the last 15 years for literally thousands like you. Study their reaction afterwards (e.g.- ‘the best money we ever spent/ should’ve done it years ago’). Then go ahead and give us a call and let’s make it happen.

* conservatively an average of 20 hours per annum is spent mowing grass/maintaining the lawn in a typical suburban garden. So, take half a weeks wages, multiply it by the 15/20 year+ life span, add the cost of your mower, its petrol/power,( never mind the CO2 emissions), a shed to store it in, fertilisers, weed killers etc and you’ll soon see the sense in investing now and freeing up all that time so you can actually go out and just enjoy your garden.

** forget the fact that we’re the biggest, that we were the first, that we’ve the best reputation. 3 Bloom medals-So what? It’s our promise of total satisfaction backed up by a strong written gaurentee from a dedicated, creative and professional team that makes all the difference. We won’t let you down.

Don’t believe it?
See for yourself!

Just hover over one of the images below, move/swipe left and right to see the before/after of some typical gardens we have transformed across Ireland.

Waterlogged Garden Grass (before)
Waterlogged Garden Grass (after)
Artificial grass for small back garden - before
Artificial grass for small back garden - after

Irish Gardens Transformed

Irish Schools Transformed

Creches Transformed

Companies Served

Here are some projects we have completed recently …

Artificial grass for outdoor smoking area of pub

Artificial grass for outdoor smoking area of pub

Did you know that our synthetic grass is suitable for beer gardens?We were in Coffey's pub in Newbridge last week, transforming their beer garden with our LOCO grass. This grass has always been a very popular choice, 26mm pile height, ideal for beer gardens,decks and...

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Artificial Grass for family garden

Artificial Grass for family garden

Can’t you almost hear the squelch squelch underfoot when you look at this before picture and imagine the horror of Mammy / Daddy when little Johnny goes out to play football in that garden … the kitchen floor will be destroyed in muck. Here is a recent garden...

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Corporate HQ – Outdoor Area with artificial grass

Corporate HQ – Outdoor Area with artificial grass

How would you like this space as part of your work area? This was one of our favourite projects over the last few months. Its the HQ of Teamwork (teamwork.com) in Cork and we completely transformed their outdoor area. What a transformation !!! Computer / tech...

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A Garden Story in Clonsilla, Dublin

A Garden Story in Clonsilla, Dublin

This was a total garden makeover completed last week by our multi talented teams. We built some nice neat raised timber beds along 2 borders, that will also double up as extra seating areas for those summer parties - just throw down a few cheap and cheerful colourful...

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'It was the best decision we ever made!'

“With the Summer we have had, it has been fantastic to be able to take advantage of the few hours of dryness we have had in between the rain and we can do that now because the lawn is dry and ready for the children to play on once the rain stops. They love it, all the neighbours children love it, we love it!”

Maria – Castlebar

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'I'm absolutely delighted with it!'

“Can’t stop looking out the window! The three guys you had working at my home were excellent, very hard working and very professional! I would definitely recommend Sanctuary Synthetics to family and friends!”


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'Happy Children!'

“Thanks Mark, looks gorgeous. Your guys were really great. The children are beside themselves to get out. They will be your greatest champions. Special praise and thanks to your team of fitters. Professionals all!”

Precious Minds, Lucan

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Here are the latest news stories from our blog …

Win U2 Tickets – Croke Park – July 2017

Win U2 Tickets – Croke Park – July 2017

Hands up who wants U2 tickets for the Croke Park gig on the 22nd July 2017? Of course you do! Demand for tickets is incredible, none can be found, for love nor money! Well now there is a way …. ta-dah … The Fake Grass Man to the rescue!

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Cool Sign Grass! Perfect for Schools/Creches

Cool Sign Grass! Perfect for Schools/Creches

We are delighted to announce a new range of Sign Grass that is just perfect for our artificial grass play areas. Ideal for Schools and Creches, we can incorporate them into artificial playground grass, along with our fake grass play tiles, shapes and colours. All our...

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Sanctuary on the Dermot and Dave show (TodayFM) AGAIN!

Sanctuary on the Dermot and Dave show (TodayFM) AGAIN!

There is just no avoiding us on TV and radio these days!!! Not enough that we got a few positive mentions on the the Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene show on 2FM, along with our ongoing feature on Shopping from Home on RTE1 every morning, but there we were listening to...

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Sanctuary Synthetics uses NON-INFILL artificial grass


Rest assured folks – our grasses do not contain any harmful rubber infill – in fact one of our main advantages in that we install NON-INFILL grasses which are specifically designed for the domestic and childcare market and DO NOT require harmful rubber infill.