How much should I expect to invest in Sanctuary’s artificial grass for my garden, creche, montessori, school, or exhibition space ?

Our grass prices start from as little as €13.95 per square metre. NB – Prices are inclusive of VAT, and are priced in the calculator as supply only, and/or supply plus ‘the-full-monty’ installation (which entails replacing existing lawn).

How to calculate the area

First, you will need to identify the (square) area you are looking to get installed, by measuring the width and length of that area.

For shaped area’s simply draw the shape on a piece of paper and insert into a box/rectangle to gauge the width/length.

Please allow an additional 5 – 10% for cutting and shaping. If you need to convert feet sq. to meter sq., use the converter on this page.

Bear in mind our grass comes in rolls either 2mtr or 4mtr wide, so you will need to take this into account. For example, a 6mtr wide garden could have a cut from both to best match your needs


If your garden is 4 metres wide and 2 metres long, then the area in question is 8 metres squared.

Obviously, not all outdoor spaces are square or rectangle, so break down odd shapes into smaller squares/rectangles, and add up the individual square area amounts to get your overall calculation

draw out your area into boxes

Feet (sq.) to metre (sq.) converter

Our prices are per metre sq., but we have a handy feet to metre converter here, as it may be easier for you to measure in feet.

Just put your area in feet (sq.) into the first box and the equivalent are will show in metres (sq.) in the second box. You will need this second number for the Instant Quote Generator below.

square foot [ft2]:
square meter [m2]:

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Get an idea of cost in a few easy steps

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All our products are available to purchase from our secure online store, using PayPal. We accept debit or credit cards.


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