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Most common questions

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My circumstances are tricky. Do you really understand my problem?
I (Mark) got into landscaping because I love it. I got into synthetic grass because I saw the problems it could solve. I knew it would work in my own garden and despite my wife’s objections, I installed it and I was right: it did, and my wife loves it too. We’ve since done over 1,400 private gardens and put the grass to hundreds of other uses.
So try me: tell me specifically what your circumstances are and if we cannot help, we’ll say so, but we do love a challenge and I’m sure we’ll come up with a synthetic grass solution for you.
How qualified are you guys?
We’ve been operating for over 20 years and our trained and professional crew is made up of Irish and Polish installers with combined experience of over 40 years. Trainers from our suppliers have spent time with our crew so that we have the installation expertise in-house.

In terms of our grasses, we use high-quality European grasses, which are constantly improving due to advances in technology. In fact our suppliers are founder members of ESTO, the European regulatory body in our field. Some of our leading suppliers are As Good As Grass (UK) and GardenGrass (the Netherlands).

As for our track record, we have literally hundreds of genuine testimonials on our website from happy customers.
How can I believe you? I don’t trust everything I read online.
Read our testimonials. There are so many of them, they can’t all be fake. We are over 20 years in operation and have countless installations under our belts – we live and die by our reputation.
How does the surface compare to a real grass lawn?
Any grass lover will make you aware that in order to maintain natural grass you will need lots of skill, experience, time, money, materials and equipment. With a Sanctuary Synthetics lawn, your garden requires no maintenance ensuring that your time is spent relaxing, not on maintaining your garden.
Do you offer a supply AND installation service?
Do all grasses require sand in them?
Most of our grasses are designed to be simply rolled out and fixed. We do however recommend sand infill if you have children that play alot of football or large powerful dogs. The sand adds extra security to the base.
How hard is it to fit yourself?
With patience you can make a good job of it.
What about the size and shape of my garden?
The grass comes in 4m rolls and 2m roll widths and we can get whatever length you require. It is you responsibility to measure the length and width of the garden to calculate what roll width and length you require.
How long will my grass last?
Our grass is basically unaffected by the elements. Our garden grass is UV stabilized and water-resistant. Our surface has been installed in different corners of the world from heavy snow and freezing temperatures to excessive rain and even where they are exposed to heat and direct sun. We offer up to 10 years warranty.
What about maintenance?
Our garden grass is truly maintenance free, you just need to remove debris and leaves to maintain and enjoy a beautiful garden for many years. You never need to water, mow or roll your garden just sits there and serves you!
What is the lifetime of the surface?
A well maintained surface could last well over 20 years.
How does water affect the grass?
The grass has a holed backing allowing water to drain straight through. Rain water naturally cleans the grass and removes any accumulation of dust and dirt.
What are the various applications?
Children’s play surfaces. Mini back garden football/lawn surfaces. Dog friendly surfaces, inside and surrounding conservatories, surrounding water features, swimming pools and hot tubs, for pathways, events, filming, stage shows and exhibitions and many, many more applications.
Which is the best grass?
Everyone has their own particular favourites, the grass differs to give a variety of choice and cater for everyones needs.
How long will it last?
Over 20 years if you look after it.
Would we be able to purchase and lay ourselves?
Yes, no problem, when we take you order we will make sure you have all the necessary materials to perform a self installation.
What type of a base?
Generally we lay on a sand base. If your drainage is poor you require a sand and hardcore base. If your drainage is very good you can lay it directly onto compacted sod. The grass can also be laid on timber floors or any other hard floor.
How is the grass fixed down?
When we install we dig in sub timber frames to nail the grass to. We also raise frames to create a beautiful grass like border.
Will it not feel too solid on a hard floor like concrete?
This depends on the surface you select, if you select a soft bouncy grass it counteracts the hard floor base.
How long does the installation take?
All gardens depending on size take different time periods but when you place your order we are able to calculate a timescale.
Is it secure?
We have various methods to secure the surface. Certain installations require the support of pre treated wood edges that we can insert attachments onto. We install sand based surfaces that are simply secured by the level of sand infill. We also use pins, which are dropped into the pile and hidden. Whatever method we choose, we secure your lawn to last over 20 years.
What about seams when installing a number of rolls next to each other?
All our installations are seamless which means we have the skill and experience to join rolls without showing a seam line. When seaming yourself you need to be patient and remember the following. Rolls should only be seamed adjacent to each other not top to toe as you simply join the stitch lines and you can get the seam invisible. We sell the tape and adhesive. The fibreglass tape acts as the backing. You apply the glue to the tape and then place the two edges together on top of the glued tape.
How does it drain?
The grass has a holed latex backing that allows drainage down into the base.
How does the grass fix to concrete or hard floors?
We sell a glue kit, which consists of the resin and hardener. To cover 15 sq metres costs €35 and 30 sq metres costs €70.
How realistic is it?
It is ‘As Good As Grass’
Does Sanctuary Synthetics install or do you use contractors?
We have our own install teams directly employed by Sanctuary Synthetics .
Is your work guaranteed?
The surface is guaranteed for 5 years.
Where in Ireland do you install?
Everywhere. North & South.
The garden is boggy with bad drainage, would this be a problem?
No, it just means you most probably require a hardcore and sand base under the surface.
How quick can you fit me in?
We always hope to give an installation date within the next 4 weeks, if it is only a one day job we should be able to fit it in within a three week period.
Can you lay the grass directly on top soil?
Yes, but the base must be solid, level and compact.
Can you fit the grass to irregular shapes such as circles e.t.c?
Yes, no problem you just need to allow for the extra waste.

Child Friendly Surfaces

No nasty infill or rubber. EU quality grasses that last.
Can the kids play on it?
Yes, we have surfaces that differ in pile height. The taller the pile the softer the lawn or you may choose a short pile surface for ball games. We also have surfaces that have a soft, smooth feel that do not burn the children if they slide. Tufted surfaces are good for children as the tuft acts like a shock pad which cushions a child’s fall.

Does the grass not burn if the kids fall on it?
Some short pile sand filled grasses do but we offer long pile sand filled a non sand filled short pile grasses both these grasses are child friendly. You should also go for a polyethylene grass which is soft.

With a lot of children giving the grass heavy wear will it flatten?
The grasses we recommend for child play areas return to their original position, they do not matt.

Do you install in a lot of nurseries or primary schools?
Yes, this is one of the strongest parts of our business

Do you not need a shock pad?
No, you may need one if you are fitting a very short pile grass to a hard floor such as concrete.

Pet Friendly Surfaces

Safe, soft, comfortable, yet tough.
Is it dog friendly?
Yes!! The grass has a strong latex backing. We also lightly sand the surface after installation to cover the backing and add further protection.

What happens when the dog does its mess?
Like a normal lawn you would pick up any large pieces and the small particles will wash down through the grass when it rains.

What about dog urine?
No Problem – it washes away and does not discolour the grass.

How tough is it against dogs and cats?
With over 60% of our installations to dog owners and over 150 happy installations a year, we can comfortable say it is safe, secure and durable.

Do pets like the grass?
Over 60% of our installations are to pet owners and this figure grows year on year, we have not yet received a complaint so we can only assume the pets love it

Does the smell not stay in the grass?
No – any sediment drains away when it rains so the grass naturally cleans itself

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