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Embracing Sustainability: Sanctuary Synthetics Powers Up with Solar Energy

In a significant step towards environmental stewardship, Sanctuary Synthetics has announced the installation of solar panels at their Grassland HQ in Naas, Co. Kildare. This initiative not only marks a milestone in the company's sustainable journey but also aligns with their long-standing commitment to eco-friendly practices.
Sanctuary Synthetics: Powering up with solar
The Drive Towards Eco-Friendliness

Originally landscapers, Sanctuary Synthetics has always encouraged a harmony between living gardens and practical artificial lawns. This philosophy is deeply rooted in their approach, advocating for both a lush, living ecosystem alongside low-maintenance, artificial grass areas. Their published work, ‘The Big Hairy Green book all about Artificial Grass’, critically examines the sustainability of traditional, high-maintenance lawns and champions the benefits of eco-friendly alternatives. Sanctuary Synthetics' involvement in the 'Green for Business' program and adherence to stringent carbon footprint measurement standards underscores their commitment to driving real change in sustainability within their niche​​.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sanctuary Synthetics takes pride in their ethical sourcing practices. The company's senior staff frequently visit their manufacturers to observe and ensure continual progress in sustainable practices. This includes the adoption of solar energy, robotic automation, and the use of recycled raw materials. Their collaboration with industry leaders like LimeGreen OneDNA has led to the development of energy-efficient, fully recyclable artificial grass, which is now economically viable and a game-changer in the industry​​.

The Solar Project at Grassland HQ

The recent installation of solar panels, executed in collaboration with Infinity Energy Ltd, has had an immediate impact. It has resulted in a certified 30% reduction in the company's CO2 emissions, highlighting Sanctuary Synthetics' proactive approach to reducing their environmental impact. This €21,000 investment, with an expected 18-month payback period, exemplifies the company's commitment to clean energy and sustainable business practices​​.

In-House Sustainability Efforts

Beyond external sourcing, Sanctuary Synthetics has implemented several in-house measures to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes improved waste management strategies, where significant volumes of plastic and cardboard packaging are compacted for recycling, and off-cuts are donated or repurposed. Additionally, plans to transition a portion of their fleet to HVO fuel, a more eco-friendly alternative, are underway, aiming to further reduce emissions by 90%​​.

Participation in the Green For Business Program

Sanctuary Synthetics’ active participation in the Green For Business Program, in collaboration with Vision Green Consultancy and the Local Enterprise Office, further solidifies their dedication to sustainability. Through this program, the company has developed comprehensive sustainable strategies and a business plan focusing on renewable fuels, emphasizing their commitment to eco-friendly operations across the board​​.


The installation of solar panels at Sanctuary Synthetics' Grassland HQ is more than a mere infrastructure update; it's a declaration of their enduring commitment to environmental sustainability. This initiative, coupled with their ongoing efforts in ethical sourcing, waste management, and sustainable product development, positions Sanctuary Synthetics as a leader in eco-friendly business practices. As they continue on this green journey, they invite their customers and the wider community to join them in making a positive impact on our planet.

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