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Installing Artificial Grass

We offer a full installation service, with an experienced and dedicated team.

As specialists in landscaping home gardens, we offer a unique combination of design, landscaping and synthetic grass installation – an all-in-one service so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with several outfits. 

To ensure you have an artificial grass surface that will last years, there are certain things you need to consider; the quality of the grass, the types of other material used, and, the quality of the workmanship.

We have been doing this for over 20 years, we have a tried and trusted process that works.
Click to watch a quick 6 minute video where our owner Mark gives a practical demonstration on how to lay artificial grass correctly.

EU Quality Grass

Premium Quality Guaranteed
Only EU Manufactured Grass
Guaranteed to last
Low maintenance, long-life

Quality Materials

No Hazardous Materials Used
No nasty infill in our process
Multiple layers to maximise drainage
No short cuts taken with installation

Quality Of Work

We Stand Over Our Work
We use our own install teams
We won't leave your home in a mess!
We guarantee our work

How We Do It

How To Correctly Lay Artificial Grass
The Installation Steps
Click on the tabs below to view the relevant steps …
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3 
Step 4
The first task is to remove the grass. This can be done with either a turf cutter or a sharp turf spade. Then continue to excavate until we find a solid base. Once you are suitably happy that the ground is solid under foot you can then compact the ground. This can be done with a whacker (vibrating plate) or simply using the back of a spade.
For your perimeters, you will require a standard 4″ x 1″ tanalised wood and 18-inch ground stakes. Using these stakes, insert them into the ground around your agreed perimeter and fix the wood to the stakes. You can have your perimeters set into the ground or raised to create a wrapped grass edge effect. Remember – the higher your edges – the more aggregate you require. You should screw the wood to the stakes (not nail) as this will provide a much stronger grip.

When fitting up to edges such as block paving or stone slabs, the wood should sit below the depth of the slab according to the pile height of your chosen grass. This will mean your grass should be level with the height of the slab. You may encounter problems when passing any materials set in concrete. Our specialist fitters are trained to remove these obstacles using specialist tools.
Back Fill
Depending on the depth of your excavation we would back fill with a compacting fines aggregate. This can either be granite dust (grano), sharp sand, grit sand or limestone dust. If we have had to excavate over 3 inches we would use a two tier back fill. We then cover two thirds of the depth with a crush and run aggregate – otherwise known as “type 1”.  This is standard compacting aggregate and can be purchased from any reliable Builders Merchants.

The final third is covered by a fines aggregate (as already mentioned). The aggregate should be applied evenly made compact until it is solid. Look over the area and then remove any troughs and crests with the back of a rake or brush. To ensure no plant life grows back you should spray the area with a complete weed and plant killer. NOTE – the aggregate should reach the top of your wood perimeter.
Lay & Seam
The pieces should ideally be rough cut to size allowing for 20 centimetres all round. Then move them into position. When seaming two pieces together you need to remove the excess from the sides of the grass. Butt the two pieces together and work around the seam until it is invisible . Once you have done this for all seams, rest weights across the seams so the grass cannot move and won’t rough cut the perimeter.
Remember to wrap the grass over the wood and cut at the foot of the wood. You can then lightly tack the perimeter before setting the seams. 

Open up your seam and slide the tape right under it. Apply glue to the tape, slowly fold down the sides working from one side to the other. Once this is done this you can walk down the seam to add weight and push the grass onto the tape, making sure the grass does not separate or crest if too close. You can now continue to nail in the remainder of the perimeter.
We offer a full installation service. Our typical price is between €10 – €50 a sq metre but this can be adjusted depending on type of surface. We will provide you with a full written quotation in advance of any work being carried out.
We only use EU manufactured grass
We do NOT use any nasty infill
We guarantee all our work
Have a look at the materials we use below as part of our process. Click on the tabs to show the layers for each type of installation.
Full Install
Hard Surface Install
Full Install - Excavation & hardscaping - Ideal for garden lawns
How to lay artificial grass (layers)
Layer 5
Sanctuary Synthetics Grass (25mm to 40mm)
UV stabilised PE monofilament with 100% PP fibre lock fleece backing
Made in the EU. Guaranteed 2 - 10 years
Layer 4
Shockpad (optional for domestic gardens)
Increased safety from falls with HiC shock absorption
Made in the EU from 100% recycled material
Layer 3
Quarry Dust (approx 25 mm)
Compacted layer over the crushed stone layer
Works better than sand for absorbing water
Layer 2
804 Crushed Stone (approx 100mm)
A compact layer of stone to give a perfect solid base
Provides additional drainage for water run off
Layer 1
Terram Geotextile Membrane
Binds the sub-base to prevent soil/stone subsidence
Semi-permeable to allow for water drainage
Hard Surface Install - Ideal for decking, patios, concrete, etc.
How to lay artificial grass on a hard surface (layers)
Layer 3
Sanctuary Synthetics Grass  (25mm to 40mm)
UV stabilised PE monofilament with 100% PP fibre lock fleece backing
Made in the EU and guaranteed  2-10 years
Layer 2
Shockpad (minimum 18mm)
Increased safety from falls with HiC shock absorption
Made in the EU from 100% recycled material
Layer 1
Existing hard surface (e.g. tarmac)
Transform old patios or decking 
Cheaper than digging up and replacing concrete, etc

Further Info

 You may have some questions 


How does it compare to a real lawn?
How long should it last?
Which is the best grass?
How does it drain?
Where in Ireland do you install?
Is it 100% safe for kids & pets?

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