Where’s the last place you’d expect to find a bit of artificial grass?

Sep 30, 2015Latest News, Recent Projects

Halfway up Ireland’s holiest mountain in Co Mayo – that’s where !

This was a recent installation that we’re pretty proud of but I’m thankful to say we didn’t actually install ourselves although I’d like to have seen our lads faces if I’d told them that they had to climb halfway up Croagh Patrick with a roll of grass on their shoulders.

This is the Mayo Mountain Rescue base for their medical tent and we donated a bit of grass to provide a nice soft surface onto which they would pitch their medical tent – when it doesn’t blow away that is!

All of this was completed in time for REEK SUNDAY – the annual pilgrimage on the last Sunday in July whereby thousands of people climb to the top of Croagh Patrick, many of them barefoot!

Unfortunately this year the weather turned nasty the day before and the event had to be cancelled but the grass is still standing the test of time and many walkers are getting to enjoy a little R-n-R on this oasis as you can see from the pictures here. Even golf has been played on it!


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