Treacherous Deck

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Treacherous Deck

It’s that time of year again, the evenings are becoming shorter and the temperatures are dropping.
Colder weather can aggravate an already dangerous decking.

One of the reasons your deck can become treacherous in damp conditions is when rain water is not swept away from the surface of the deck, if this water is not correctly drained from the deck the rain water just sits on the surface of the deck making it an accident waiting to happen

Moss can grow on your decking and unfortunately 9 times out of ten there is no way of stopping this from happening. Moss again can make your deck dangerous to walk on. When it freezes just like the weather we’ve been having this winter your deck can become as dangerous as an Ice-skating rink.

No matter what cleaning solution or how many times you power hosed your deck the same issues always occurs with decking. You can never have the peace of mind that your deck is a safe surface.

If your fed up with all the above issues with your deck fear not we have a quick fix solution to this problem….…..artificial grass. Our artificial grass has several benefits and can be installed on to numerous surfaces, one that particularly works well is installing artificial grass on to a deck.

All this installation process initials is cutting the artificial grass to size and nailing the artificial grass to the timber deck boards. Artificial grass will not only fix the issue of slippery decks it will also inject new life in to your deck area the bright green fibers of the artificial grass will bring colour to your existing dreary bleak deck.

Our artificial grass is a non-slip surface making it the perfect quick fix solution for your slippery deck. We have several different types of artificial grass, so there is plenty of choice for each customers preference.

Our artificial grass is suitable for outdoor installation on to decks, we have a wide range of different artificial grasses which all have different pile heights. Each artificial grass looks different and even feels different.
Get the lush, green look of grass … without the mess or the work!

Imagine beautiful lawns all year round. No maintenance, highly durable and weatherproof [even Irish weather!].

Rest assured folks – our grasses do not contain any harmful rubber infill – in fact, one of our main advantages in that we install NON-INFILL grasses which are specifically designed for the domestic and childcare market and DO NOT require harmful rubber infill.

We are confident we have the right grass and solution for you.

Give us a call on 045901970 to discuss a solution you’re dangerous slippery deck.


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