Forget the Silly Season, it’s SLIPPY DECK SEASON again……our decks are like ice rinks with the combination of green slime and decomposting leaves. It’s getting colder by the day now too so we’ll soon have frost and ice to contend with also. Have you ever heard yourself say ‘God I nearly killed myself on that deck just now’? or worse still, have you ever fallen on it? A customer of ours told us a story recently of her elderly mother who slipped outside her back door just going out to the clothes line one day and broke her hip as a result. Not a nice thing to happen at all.

Well, we have a solution for you – no need to get rid of your deck, simply cover it with our artificial grass. It will be an end to the slime and slippyness and you’ll have a nice soft, real looking & maintenance free grass to step out onto. What’s more it will look great too and you’ll get much more use out of it in summer too.