Artificial grass onto tarmac playground? No problem!

Another hardsurface instantly (well in a few days really!) transformed into a safe playsurface for our primary school children to play on. ‘Let them run’ we say !

This school is in Rathfarnham, Dublin and as you can see it was the same as tons of schools the country over – a hard tarmac surface which was the scene of many trips, falls, cut knees, bruises and even worse … tears. The school needed a safer playsurface but obviously budgets are tight everywhere so they did not have the luxury of digging the whole thing up and starting from new.

In comes Sanctuary to the rescue with our tried and tested SCHOOLS grass. It comes in a range of colours (including the regular green) but doesn’t this bright blue colour look fab here? Can’t you just imagine it on a cloudy, rainy day? – and as it happens it’s quickly dry after a rain shower so the children should be able to get back out to play on those drizzly days rather than being stuck in the classroom.

In this school we included some line markings for basketball but the surface is suitable for all types of regular play and ball sports.