School playground grass – St Brigids Killester

Sep 18, 2015Latest News, Recent Projects, Schools & Childcare

Here is another school yard made safe with the use of our artificial grass as a playsurface.

As you will see from the pictures the existing concrete surface was uneven in places and the children were prone to cuts and bruises whenever they fell on it.

We did 2 different yards here, both the junior and senior yard, with our tried and tested SCHOOLS grass and the introduction of the bit of bright colour has really made all the difference. There were numerous drains and access points for services which would need to be kept accessible so our solution was to cover them with squares of coloured grass and the caretaker can just lift them up as required.

We also covered some very slippy and dangerous steps and some ramps that lead out onto the playground areas.

So it’s safe now to let the children run now on their break-times and work off a bit of that excess energy all kids have!


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