Wow what a transformation this was – Oh how I wish I was back in junior infants again !

What was once a wasted, unused courtyard space has now been transformed into a soft and safe playarea for the Junior Infants children in this Stillorgan, Co Dublin school. They can literally bounce off the walls here 🙂 There is nothing worse than getting a graze off a pebble dash wall – In my books it’s up there in the pain stakes with stepping on a piece of lego in your bare feet……. Ouch, we can all still feel the pain as a kid of a knock off a pebble dash wall. So for this reason we decided to cover all the lower parts of the walls with artificial grass in order to make the area totally safe for these school children.

Before we started the work the existing ground surface consisted of patio slabs and loose pebbles. This was removed to begin with.
We then put in a base of hardcore and to make the area safer for the younger children to play on we installed a layer of shock absorbing foam underlay underneath the grass.
It turned out lovely and the children are delighted with it.
What’s even better, we did this work while they were on their Christmas break so they had a lovely surprise when they arrived back to school in January – thanks to Santa Sanctuary 🙂

So instead of having the children cooped up indoors at break time – let me out and let them run safely. Burn off that energy for 10 minutes.