Sanctuary Meets Jonny Cooper

Oct 23, 2018back gardens, In The Press, Latest News, Other stuff you might like to know

Graham from our team at Sanctuary, who is a massive Dublin fan, meets Jonny Cooper, winner of 5 All Ireland Senior Football medals with Dublin. Bit of a bromance going on here!

Jonny recently got our artificial grass lawn installed into his garden. No more garden worries for Jonny, so he can concentrate on the ‘5-in-a-row’ in 2019 !!!.

We asked Jonny a few questions about his new artificial grass garden and what he thinks about the competition for next years All-Ireland, we even asked about his hair-style!

Here is a list of questions that were asked throughout the video.
(you’ll have to watch the video to find out the rest of the answers)

Graham: What do you think of your new garden?
Jonny: “You did a great job on our back garden, delighted with it. It looks fantastic!”

Graham: How did you hear about us?
Jonny: “We were out in Bloom this year, seen you had a great set up there. I went over and had a chat (with Sanctuary) on the day and here we are now”.

Graham: Favourite Garden At Bloom?
Jonny: “The ‘Upside-Down Garden’ was my favourite garden”.

Graham: Why Sanctuary Synthetics Grass?
Jonny: “It was the quality and finish. The quality of service in the last number of weeks has been great. The professional service and finish is top notch!”

Graham: How did you get your hair to stand up like that?
Jonny: “My Missus Saoirse looks after that. Half an hour before a game and I’m sorted”

Graham: Does Stephen Cluxton practise his speeches in front of a mirror?
Jonny: “Highly, highly, highly unlikely!”

Other Questions include;

Is it true that Philly McMahon would start a fight in a phonebox?

Was Paddy Cullen better than Cluxton?

Who was better, Dean or Barney?

Who was the better front forward – Jay or Kevin?

Which of the two is a better singer?

What’s your party peice?

What county do you fear most for 2019?

What advice would you give young ambitious footballers coming through?

Jonny can now enjoy his artificial grass garden and has even more time to concentrate on winning next years All-Ireland….again.


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