Safe and secure play area for special needs school

Feb 2, 2016

Another total school transformation – this one was at St Joseph’s Special School in Waterford which provides special needs education at both primary and secondary level and also has an ASD unit for both levels.

Physical education and outdoor play is a vital part of the school curriculum at St Josephs.

The principal really needed a safe and secure area for both general playtime and multi games use. Their existing courts were looking very tired and dated in terms of both the surfacing and the perimeter fencing. The fencing and netting was gone beyond repair so a whole new perimeter fence was installed.

The surface we installed was a mixture of our green and brightly coloured red and yellow SCHOOLS grass – a perfect multi use grass for all types of sports and general play. It is extremely durable and hardwearing and best of all it is non infill which means no nasty rubber or sand infill being brought back into the school on the soles of their feet.

2 goal posts with netting at each end were also installed. This was all installed directly onto the existing tarmac surface.

In addition to this pitch area we also designed and installed a small sensory garden area behind one end of the pitch with a nice soft artificial grass surface and some custom made seating benches, raised planting beds and sandpits for the younger kids.

The boundary walls which back onto back garden of the neighbouring houses all had a high fence and netting system installed to prevent anything being thrown over by the children.

All in all as you can see from the pictures it was a total transformation and the children, parents and teachers are loving the new addition to the school.



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