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Primary Schools

Primary Schools

“Thanks! It’s the best thing we have done”

- Carysfort National School

We were all allowed run around to our hearts content blowing off steam and honing our hide and seek, footballing and chasing skills as youngsters. (and don’t forget, we were young once too and we’re still young at heart! – click here for the evidence).

We think its unfair and indeed unhealthy that many children are not allowed run these days, albeit for laudable health and safety reasons.

Of course concrete or tarmac yards are not ideal and the reality is that green areas are largely unused due to our frequent rainfall and the muck and slippy grass it generates.

The good news is we can quickly transform entire yards or green areas into safe attractive MAINTENANCE FREE play areas with our guaranteed non slip, non fade, friction burn free Sanctuary Synthetic play grass.

This artificial grass technology is next generation meaning it is either non or semi-infill and is UV resistant and has moved on considerably from the original Astro turf you may be familiar with. It is guaranteed for typically 10 years and has a 15 to 20 year life.

It can be laid directly onto any hard surface quickly and economically or can replace real grass with a hardcore and sand base.

So for the price of 1 typical white board you could get well over 100m2 sorted. With a large portfolio of jobs, testimonials and a quality reputation we work with boards and committees and can offer finance packages.

Many of the schools we complete fundraise in their local communities to cover the costs of a new playground. For some great fundraising ideas, click here.

*** FREE TRIAL****

We will come and temporarily install 12 -20m2* of our synthetic grass, leave it for several weeks and you can see how it performs and how much the children love it. (*Onto hard surfaces only)

NB – All our grasses are manufactured under stringent quality, health and safety and environmental conditions in Holland with full certification, spec sheets and European and HSE safety standards adhered to.

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