No access no problem

Jan 29, 2020 | back gardens, Recent Projects

Artificial grass lawn Dublin BEFORE AFTER

Is no access a problem?

This lawn was crying out for a bit of TLC. This homeowner was concerned about starting work on the garden as there was no side access to the back garden, but we assured our customer that no side excess = no problem.

A lot of newly built town houses have zero side access and now more than ever we have been installing gardens that require us to come through the house with all equipment and materials. Where’s there’s a will there’s a way and that way is usually through the house

Before we bring any materials or equipment through the house we put down protective flooring, so we do not damage any flooring when coming through the house, we are proud to say that our install crews are pristine workers and they are often praised for their exceptional clean work not to mention how many compliments they get on their workmanship.

You can have the artificial lawn of your dreams no matter the access, we will try and accommodate any install.

We love how this small Dublin artificial lawn turned out, it is bright and pristine and our customer never has to worry about mowing their lawn ever again.

Artificial grass lawn Dublin
Artificial grass lawn Dublin