I must say this was  a total transformation for this homeowner.

We started off by clearing out the garden of a LOT of stuff – such as the old rotten shed, the deck underneath it and lots of other bits and bobs.

With a blank canvas we then started our prep work – a lot of our time onsite is spent getting the groundworks done and this is an area we do not scrimp on.  The garden was cleared and levelled and our base of hardcore, sand and perimeter timber was installed.

I really like the fact that we were able to salvage the 4 fruit trees ( 2 apple and 2 pear ) and make a nice feature of them at the start of the lawn area – they will continue to grow as normal and if the trunk gets bigger over the years the grass can just be trimmed accordingly to allow for growth.

Overall it was a total transformation and this Co Kildare homeowner can now really enjoy their garden.

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