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Neglected lawn County Dublin

Neglected lawn County Dublin

We only come to appreciate our gardens when the sun is shining. We spend the whole Winter neglecting it and the second the weather turns slightly warmer we remember that we even have a garden. Am I right?
Imagine being able to use your garden all year round with the joys of not having to maintain your lawn. Now if that doesn’t sound like a dream I don’t know what does.

We have seen every single type of garden and when I mean every type I mean EVERY type. Nothing really surprises us when we show up for our FREE consultation, but WOW did this garden shock us. Even though the garden itself was in perfect nick, the customer hadn’t mowed the lawn since he moved in a year and a half ago!! There were massive weeds in this area also, these weeds needed to be sprayed with weed killer at least two weeks before we could even think about installing.

The area resembled a small forest never mind a garden.

If its not obvious from the before image this area required a full installation and a lot of weed pulling!!! First the weeds were sprayed with weed killer two weeks prior to our installation date. We then had to cut does the grass to an appropriate height and remove approx. 5” of sod and soil. We then installed 2-3” of hardcore and a treated timber base. We then whacked and compacted the hardcore and added a layer of quarry dust. The grass is then rolled out and nailed securely to the timber frame.

The grass used here was our most luxurious grass SUPER. This is a 40 mm grass with a two-tone green fibre throughout. This grass looks particularly good in a dull garden that needs a lift.
Its bright green fibres in the SUPER grass work perfectly for this lawn transformation. The lawn is now totally unrecognisable
Our synthetic grass will add value to your home and provides quick drainage. It looks like grass, but it’s not mucky, doesn’t need to be mowed, doesn’t get ruined by pets, doesn’t turn into a carpet of moss and doesn’t get scorched in the sun.

We are proud to say we are Ireland’s longest established and pioneering specialists in artificial garden grass. We offer a full installation service. Our grass is 100% pet friendly – it is immune to claws. Even the unruliest of dogs cannot break through it.

Our premium grade grasses are ideal for realistic domestic lawns, and can be laid over any surface – concrete, tarmac, existing grass lawns, etc

Get the lush, green look of grass … without the mess or the work!
Imagine beautiful lawns all year round

No maintenance, highly durable and weather proof [even Irish weather!].
We are confident we have the right grass and solution for you.

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