“Oh I do love to be beside the sea side”

If any of you are lucky enough to have enjoyed a stay at the fine establishment  Kelly’s Hotel in Rosslare then I’m sure you will have taken a stroll in their lovely landscaped garden. Hidden amongst the beds and palm trees  is a 9 hole mini golf course. Recently, just before their summer season kicked off, we were asked down to help revamp the surface on the mini golf.

The existing surface was old and dated. We replaced it with our short pile, tight knit, multi use grass and with a little bit of longer pile fringe grass around the edges. Some of the holes even got some coloured light brown grass to look like sand bunkers. We finished the look off with brand new pins / flags to mark out each of the 9 holes.

It was a glorious hot sunny day when our lads were there  ( what else would you expect in the Sunny South East of course? ) and I hope all the guests at Kelly’s, young and old, will enjoy a round of mini golf to help work off some of the delicious cakes they serve at afternoon tea !


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