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Its off to work we go..

Its off to work we go..

”There was nearly a stampede to tour the Alice in Wonderland garden, which needs no description – think curiouser and curiouser and you’ve got it, giant mushroom and all. (The) concept didn’t meet the approval of gardening purists, but then, who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel – or disputes the merit of a garden that triggers a smile.”

– The Sunday Business Post, Sun 12th June 2011

5 days to go before we start our yellow brick road building project. 3 of the 5 make up a bank holiday weekend. Geeeez. This reminds me of the countdown to the leaving cert. I console myself with the thought that once we get started I’ll be happier..somewhere, over the rainbow…I’m certainly going to be having some interesting dreams about The Land of Oz in the land of nod.

Here, what’s the deal with courier and transport companies? Why are they all so bad/ nonchalant about Customer service? Couldn’t they try honestly for a change? Ok, rant over – for now. Nextly was just asked for a 30 word summary for some Irish Independent feature. 30 words?! Ah lads. At this rate that’s about €1000 a word. Better choose them carefully. You can read it here first. Our temporary munchkin land is fast becoming a village and several more to collect from kind donors nationwide.

A friend asked me a good question the other day. Mark, he said, you say you’re really busy anyway, so why did you do it? Why indeed. This little venture, unsupported by any sponsorship, is costing me an arm and a leg. Certainly a couple of year’s worth of marketing budgets. The time commitments required, both of myself and from next week – the majority of our crew, is significant. Not to mention the opportune cost of not earning money elsewhere. To risk public embarrassment and the ire of peers adds to the pressure. One uses up quite a lot of favours during this time. As a father of young children, and as a husband, I’m aware of family time being sacrificed. Still though, it’s only a few weeks more. This day in one month’s time it’ll be finished. All except for deconstructing everything and paying off a few bills.

So why do it? Well, it’s a stage on which to showcase ones abilities and experience. A cat walk for exterior designing, an opportunity to maybe influence future trends, to test people’s perceptions, maybe challenge them?! Please see introductory quote at the start of this blog – Couldn’t of said it better myself! Why do it? The challenge, the rite of passage, kudos, PR, profile and the chance to be bold. I’m showcasing my business – Synthetic Lawns – Yes, in the hope of increasing its acceptance in the minds of the public, thereby creating more business for Sanctuary, but the quid pro quo being what will hopefully be a delightful, entertaining and fun trip down the yellow brick road for all the family.

Hope I’m not setting the bar too high.

? Mark

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