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Nov 20, 2017Latest News

Long gone are the days when artificial grass was only used for astro pitches around the country.
Nowadays artificial grass has grown in popularity for domestic, corporate andeducational markets
but we here in Sanctuary Synthetics won’t let our mission of artificial grass drop there. We love making all sorts of thing unique and personalised for the client so then the idea was born why don’t we start putting artificial grass on or vehicles to make them stand out from the crowd and so this idea took shape and we now install grass on to client vehicles all the time. We joke here in Sanctuary HQ if you stay still for long enough you will be covered in artificial grass aswel!

Here are a variety of the works we have completed on our own vehicles. This has also
worked as a great Marketing too for our business as we get many a job just simply by people seeing our vans on the road and then they contact us. We were the first artificial grass company in Ireland that started
grassing our vehicle, and we think this idea and the concept has attracted us a lot of business over the years, the grass coloured vans make a huge impact not only to our customers but to our potential customers as our vans are memorable and then years down a long the lines we also get phonically from customers seeing our vans and they now want grass themselves. We have also covered our very own Sanctuary Synthetic grass caravan inspired by the one and only Father ted caravan. We take this caravan with us to events such as bloom and it always gets such a great response. The caravan is also up for specialist hire on our Sanctuary Shop! We also work with some major brands and deliver them grass covered object for a multitude of
uses. Pictured are the two innocent vans that we grassed, artificial grass works really
well for their company as their main focus is and product is geared towards healthy eating and natural products ……… well our artificial grass is far from natural, but you get the point.
Would you believe it, we have also covered a double decker bus with our artificial grass it was for a
bar/restaurant in Killarney county Kerry. It really does have the wow factor and I’d say it is a big
talking point among the visitors to this restaurant.

So, my point is if there is anything that you think might look good covered in artificial grass or if you
had something laying around your house that needed sponsoring up we are your man!! Come and visit our show room just too see how we have transformed the place in to an artificial grass haven.
You never know if you stay here long enough you too might be covered in artificial grass.



Download our new brochure for more information on the many different uses of our high quality grasses, and more.

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