This grass in the ‘hotel for cats – Cattery Cottage’ was so mucky that even this little fella was afraid to come out of his tunnel. But with a little bit of work from the owner and some fabulous Wondergrass from Sanctuary Synthetics, Cattery Cottage created a wonderful and most importantly, clean home from home for her cat guests.
Cattery Cottage had been using regular DIY store bought rolled out grass and was needing to replace it at least every 3 weeks as it never grew properly and was always mucky and dirty. Now that our Wondergrass is installed, the cats can enjoy a clean, muck free environment and most importantly it is 100% maintenance free for the owner.
Here are a couple of pictures below and if you are a cat lover you simply must click on the link at the bottom of this page to see a full slideshow of some really beautiful cats in their lovely new artificial grass homes. Puuurfect !


One 'room' installed with Wondergrass

This is what it looked like before

And this is what it looks like after, with Wondergrass installed


Martina from the Cattery kindly made a little video showcasing the transformation that took place.

Follow the link below to see it !
LINK TO VIDEO – A Happy Cattery