Have a look at this recent creche transformation we did back at the start of November…… After a HSE inspection they were told that the playarea was not up to scratch and needed to be rectified. We had been out at this creche a few times this year looking at the various areas that would benefit from playgrass and they are lucky enough to have quite a large outdoor space but as with a lot of businesses at the moment spending has to be curtailed as much as possible.  

Working with the owner, we decided to prioritise and therefore  just do the areas that required immediate attention for the time being so we focused on the playarea with swings and slide and a concrete  side passage used by the afterschoolers to play ball.

There was an immediate transformation – no more muck and dirt and the kids can get outside way more now. The owner and staff are delighted with the result and the value for money spent.

“Great team on the day – they came and they conquered!”

Suzanne, Early Scholars Creche, Athgarvan