County Dublin Front Garden With Artificial Grass

Sep 2, 2017back gardens, Recent Projects

This wonderful front garden in Dublin got a makeover with our SUPER artificial grass. A lot of the domestic gardens we do here in Sanctuary Synthetics are back gardens but it is getting increasingly popular to get your front garden done in artificial grass. When you think about it, it is the first thing visitors and passers-by see of your house.

A beautiful garden can set off the whole outside of your house and it leaves a lasting impression on visitors and guests. For this front garden, we also supplied and fitted a weed membrane, this is not essential as our groundworks are sufficient in ensuring that no weeds come up through your artificial grass, this particular customer wanted to be extra cautious as she wanted 100% reassurance that weeds would not grow up through her artificial lawn.


The grass chosen for this garden was our SUPER grass. This is our most luxurious grass, it is 40mm in pile height. It is an excellent top of the range grass, very realistic looking and hardwearing. The grass holds it shape very well. The main difference of super is its colour. It has a combination of both light and dark green fibres with the regular brown thatch at the root. Stands up very well to every day wear and tear. This grass has a 10-year manufactures warranty.

There was also a tree in the middle of this front garden, the customer wanted to keep the existing tree. Do you think this is a problem….? pffffttt no way!!!!  It’s simple really all that is involved is we cut around the trunk of the tree and wallah you get to keep existing plants and trees.

We love the clean design of this front garden, the bright green fibres of our SUPER artificial grass really complement this red brick home.

We are proud to say we are Ireland’s longest established and pioneering specialists in artificial garden grass. We offer a full installation service. Our grass is 100% pet friendly – it is immune to claws. Even the unruliest of dogs cannot break through it.


Our premium grade grasses are ideal for realistic domestic lawns, and can be laid over any surface – concrete, tarmac, existing grass lawns, etc


Get the lush, green look of grass … without the mess or the work!


Imagine beautiful lawns all year round.


No maintenance, highly durable and weather proof [even Irish weather!].


Rest assured folks – our grasses do not contain any harmful rubber infill – in fact one of our main advantages in that we install NON-INFILL grasses which are specifically designed for the domestic and childcare market and DO NOT require harmful rubber infill.

We are confident we have the right grass and solution for you.







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