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‘Templeogue Postman sprains his ankle on a slippy deck‘ !!!

It’s an ill wind that blows no good and we’ve just been booked this week to cover a large side of house timber deck for a customer who keeps slipping on a wet and dangerous deck.

Our non slip synthetic grass covering is the ideal solution for non slip decking. This will help protect the timber on your deck flooring, does go down easily and with a 10 year guarantee means the household can continue to get Christmas cards ( and bills ) delivered safely for many more winters to come!

As landscapers we’ve always recommended, where possible with our decking designs, that decks be located in the sunniest corners of gardens and discouraged people putting them outside their back doors.

Most ignored this advice. That why we’re so happy to now cover the often old faded and jaded deck flooring with our grass. This gives a new lease of life to the deck without the hassle of having to remove it and means you, your children and their friends and importantly visitors won’t slip and hurt themselves.

Is your deck lethal in winter?

Sick and tired of constantly having to wash, clean, paint, treat and maintain the deck flooring – but its STILL dangerously slippy after all your work?

Expand your deck’s life and save a trip to A&E – our easily installed grass is the non slip solution.

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