This is an internal courtyard which we recently completed in the lovely sunny south of Ireland 😉 OK, sunny it was not...In fact the weather took such a bad turn that day in Cork we didn’t even manage to get ‘after’ pictures! These ‘after’ pictures were very kindly provided by the owner – thank you 🙂

Looks lovely doesn’t it? Artificial grass is perfect for use outside any entrance into your house, it keeps the muck and wet out of your house whilst still retaining its perfect appearance. It is also perfect for use in areas that are difficult to reach with the lawnmower.

We loved this job as Its not often you come across an internal courtyard and as you can see from the pictures below the grass worked a charm in this space.

If you have a unique space in mind that you could see our artificial grass in, simply give us a call on 045 901970 or get us at and we will be happy to carry out a no obligation site survey.

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