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Check Out Ireland's First Ever Fully Circular Recyclable Artificial Grass Installation!

Introducing Ireland's First Fully Circular Recyclable Artificial Grass: A Case Study

Hey there, folks! We've got some exciting news to share from the world of artificial grass! 

Sanctuary Synthetics is thrilled to show you the very first installation of fully circular (made with recycled material and is 100% recyclable after use) artificial grass in Ireland.  

Our game-changing product is not just great for your garden, but it's also a win for the environment. 
  • Old Artificial Gras Before Removal
  • Recyclable Artificial Grass Finished Project
The Challenge:
A customer reaches out to us with an interesting problem. Their front garden was decked out with our artificial grass for more than ten years, but after some recent house renovations, it's looking a bit worse for wear.  Concrete and debris had made it unsalvageable.  

It needed to be replaced.

They loved their hassle-free lawn, but their eco-conscious 10-year-old had them wondering if there was a greener alternative out there.
The Solution:
That's where our revolutionary Lime Green™ grass comes in! 

This cutting-edge, eco-friendly artificial grass is made from recycled materials and, after 20+ years of use, can be entirely recycled. 

It's the perfect solution for those looking to enjoy the perks of synthetic lawns without the eco-guilt.

Lets Get To Work
Our experienced team got to work, removing the old grass and frames, levelling the remaining soil, and installing new frames, weed membrane, and quarry dust to create a solid foundation with top-notch drainage—all while keeping the sub-soil ecosystem intact. 

Next up, they rolled out our new Lime Green™ grass, provided by our Dutch suppliers, and tidied everything up, even leaving a matching artificial grass doormat made from off-cuts.

The Outcome? 
One super happy customer and a 10-year-old who's seriously impressed with their new eco-friendly lawn. We've got the snaps below  and the customer review to prove it!
Customer Testimonial:
"We are so impressed, and grateful!"
"We were very happy with the previous lawn you installed. It looked great for years with almost no minding. It wasn't until the recent renovation that it needed to be replaced. The builder had left concrete mix into the grass amongst all sorts of building debris. It was a lost cause."
"Our 10 year old daughter has become something of an eco-warrior, and was moaning at us about the fake grass being unsustainable and generally bad for the environment. When we rang Sanctuary and I mentioned it, Mark informed us about the new range of fully circular artificial grass products. That ticked the boxes for us."

"Their team were in and out within a matter of hours, very quick. They left the place spotless, even did some weeding of the paths and left a matching grass doormat. Brilliant!!"
So, are you ready to hop on the eco-friendly artificial grass train and make your garden more sustainable? 
Why not give us a buzz on 045 901 970, and our friendly team at our Naas, Co. Kildare HQ will be happy to chat about your needs. 

Alternatively, shoot us an email at to learn more about our fully circular, recyclable artificial grass

Let's be artificial grass pioneers together and create a greener future for everyone!

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