I nearly wish I was back at school……………….nearly 🙂

Can’t you just imagine the fun and excitement of being brought outside for your lessons ? I’d say the teaching staff in this Carlow school will have fun creating a sense of competition between the classes to see which groups get to use the outdoor classroom on any particular day.

This is a special needs school in Carlow town and we did some work on a different area for them last year. We were called back and given the challenge of transforming this drab and dreary courtyard area into a cool and funky outdoor classroom. We went with all plain green grass on the surface (  rather than too many colours ) and custom built an outdoor seated classroom with treated timber sleepers in a nice horseshoe type shape.

We also installed 3 large mirrors on the walls and as this is a school with small children we sourced specialist acrylic mirrors from a local glass manufacturer. These were glued to the wall and then also supported with an additional wooden frame around the outside.

All in all it turned out lovely.


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