If my calculations are correct, and that is by no means a given, we have 23 days before the start of the build in Bord Bia’s Bloom Garden Festival in the Phoenix Park – with 43 days before judging. This year, for our sins, we are committed to doing a large engaging space/concept garden called ‘Wizard of Oz Sanctuary Garden’- more on this odyssey to come.

Royal Horticultural Society and Sanctuary SyntheticsWe have been asked, once again, to provide our grass for the Royal Horticultural Societys stand in Bloom. We are very happy to do so. An eyebrow or two has been raised over the years, but the lady’s manning the stand swear by it, ‘cos its clean, attractive and of course practical. Surely the RHS (Ireland Branch) can’t be wrong!

Talk soon,

Mark – Owner Sanctuary Synthetics