OMG! Our first blog entry has already got us into trouble – sort of.

The management of Sanctuary Synthetics hereby unreservedly withdraws any inference or suggestion that Monty Don is a fan or endorses artificial grass and we wholeheartedly apologise for jumping to such a conclusion. Spotted last week walking beside an artificial lawn on BBC’s Gardeners World, Mr Don quickly informed us by email it was not at Long Meadows so not, in fact, his lawn. We had erroneously misconstrued that he “kind of indirectly” approves of synthetic grass. Not so. The blog was immediately edited accordingly and that, hopefully, is that. Two lessons learned however. (1) Don’t bandy the names of respected gardening personalities about willy nilly (2) Google alerts is a seriously useful tool.

Meanwhile – The Bloom Garden 2013 – another day (Or two) over and deeper in debt. We have just paid, in advance, for approx 200 Achiller ‘desert eye yellow’ which may or not flower at the opportune time, given the weather this year – luckily however we are all in the same boat. And I thought I’d only have to use yellow paint for the bricks along the yellow brick road. My second cousin, John of Solocon Fencing, has just come up trumps with some nice rural 4 inch chestnut fencing laths so we can replicate Kansas prairie fencing. I’m pleased about that and hopefully it’ll look convincing. Finally, and somewhat disturbingly, 3 separate people – craftsmen/artists, who kindly contributed to our Alice in Wonderland Garden 2 years ago now (sigh) have emigrated. Two to the UK and one to Poland. This is a loss to me and to Ireland. Good luck to them.

Over and out.

PS How many other BLOOM bloggers can claim to have such an illustrious readership (Albeit with a frown) within hours of their first post?

PPS How many other BLOOM bloggers are there anyway?

PPPS Why am I even bothering? I suppose it’s a form of self therapy…in public…but fine ‘cos nobody’ll have read this far anyhow!