Well, my wife has just well and truly put the wind up me. “Gosh” says she, “You seemed far busier with Bloom stuff last time around”. Too true. And it’s not that I’m super relaxed or anything. Its more that, although I’m faithfully carrying around my nice black leather Bloom notes folder thingy all the time – It goes from the jeep to the office to the kitchen at home and back to the jeep etc – but never gets opened. I’m the master procrastinator. Even to the extent of doing a blog about the making of a Show Garden instead of actually preparing to actually do a Show Garden. Still though, there’s nothing like the last minute for getting things done! Two bits of progress to console myself with – Joe Fallover, the man who makes the props on every second TV Advert you’ve seen in recent years (e.g. The ‘No Nonsense’ Insurance brick!) has kindly agreed to make Mr.Scarecrow and The Wicked Witch of The East for me. Well, the bottom 1/3 of the witch anyway. So that’s that boxed off and in capable hands at least. Another dent in the Credit Card. Secondly just sat down with Tom the Builder (I don’t know any Bobs!). He’s going to erect our Emerald City hopefully. As I discussed the turrets, viewing platform, lighting and ratios (Golden mean 1-1.618) required, I could see his wife – My sister, looking increasingly askance across the kitchen table. Granted, it’s not exactly a regular kitchen extension job. I have the utmost faith. One last thing. Was thinking of trying fundit.ie to help rustle up some funds. Think that might work?