Sometimes, but not that often, we are asked to do both the front and back garden at the one time – get it all over and done with in one clean sweep and retire the lawnmower for good !

This was the case in a recent installation in Blessington, Co Wicklow.  What’s the point in having a lovely maintenance free back garden if you still need to come out and mow the front patch every 2 weeks…….and if we are doing the back then we can most likely give you a good price on the front garden also assuming we do both on the same day.

Now – how to get rid of that rusty old lawnmower?  Watch this space folks, we might have a great idea for that too !


And a few weeks later we got this lovely testimonial in the post from the homeowner –

“From my first call, to the finish of my garden – I was highly impressed with your staff…..they were so professional & nice. The garden was quoted and fitted within a few days. The team that fitted the lawn were extremely clean with their work and the finished look. A fantastic company”……Tina, Blessington.


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