Bleak paved garden makeover

Jul 9, 2018back gardens, Recent Projects

Its looking like this great weather will be sticking around and we are not complaining one bit. Our installation crews are working on there farmers tans as we speak.

This customer rang our office and wanted to totally transform their back garden. The area was paved and there was a slight issue with weeds growing up through the gaps of the paving. The garden wasn’t getting much use and the customer wanted to keep a part of the paving and then install artificial grass on most of the area.

Did you know that our artificial grass can be installed directly on to concrete, decking and paving?
We can install on to the above surfaces once the materials are in good condition and the gaps between the deck boards and the paving are not too wide.

We can install it directly on to the paving or we can install a shock absorbing layer underneath called shock pad. This shock pad has a critical fall height of 1.3m and will give an extra smooth finish underfoot.

The process for installation for something like this would be easy, as all that is required is gluing the artificial grass to the slabbing or if you opt for the layer of shock pad as extra the shock pad is glued down first to the slabbing and then the artificial grass is glued down on to the shock pad, easy peasy.

Artificial grass has really transformed this area in to the perfect little garden. It is extremely pleasant to look at, extremely practical and functional what more would you want?

This once drab and basic slabbed area is now full of colour and to be enjoyed for years to come.

Get the lush, green look of grass … without the mess or the work!
Imagine beautiful lawns all year round.

No maintenance, highly durable and weather proof [even Irish weather!].
We are proud to say we are Ireland’s longest established and pioneering specialists in artificial garden grass. We offer a full installation service.

Our grass is 100% pet-friendly – it is immune to claws. Even the unruliest of dogs cannot break through it.
Our premium grade grasses are ideal for realistic domestic lawns and can be laid over any surface – concrete, tarmac, existing grass lawns, etc

Get the lush, green look of grass … without the mess or the work! Imagine beautiful lawns all year round.

No maintenance, highly durable and weatherproof [even Irish weather!].

Rest assured folks – our grasses do not contain any harmful rubber infill – in fact, one of our main advantages in that we install NON-INFILL grasses which are specifically designed for the domestic and childcare market and DO NOT require harmful rubber infill.

We are confident we have the right grass and solution for


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