We were delighted to see ‘The Garden Journal’,a go to publication for Landscape and Garden Designers,has included a ‘coming of age’ feature on artificial grass in their December issue.

Featured due to its surge in popularity, the article basically affirmed what we have been telling you all along; Synthetic grass is where it’s at.

If you didn’t catch the article, we’ve highlighted some of the main points below for you;

  • Synthetic grass means you can get greater use from your garden irrespective of the weather – it is a great alternative to real grass.
  • The product has progressed greatly over the years, no longer are there issues such as friction burns and infill.
  • It is ideally suited to gardens where poor light, water /nutrition issues hamper successful natural grass growth.
  • In rainy countries such as Ireland/UK, synthetic grass is unaffected by heavy rainfall – the water is drawn away quite quickly, which results in the surface being able to be used more frequently. What that means is you can get the kids back outside 15 minutes after a rain shower!
  • It is perfect for use as a play surface owing to the product being low maintenance and hard wearing; eliminating the possibility of worn or bald patches.
  • As part of their best practice advice they recommend securing grass to a treated timber surround when installing the grass (standard practice here at Sanctuary Synthetics).

The article also had some helpful pointers on how to keep your synthetic grass looking good. Regular brushing with a stiff brush to maintain appearance and giving it a hose down occasionally. If you have animals in your garden, occasional disinfecting of the area is also recommended.

– To read the full article check out the December issue of ‘The Garden Journal’.

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