Dear Mark,

I just wanted to write and thank you and your crew of workers for a job so well done.

Since you’ve left we have used the back garden nearly every day and Aisling is now a keen footballer as a result! Where before I had to tell her I’d have to check and see how mucky it was out there, I can now leave her off out there rain or shine. It makes a big difference to her, as she loves to be outdoors as much as she can be. The dogs even seem happier and spend a lot more time prancing around out there than they did previously (maybe that’s the lack of digging facilities!).

I’m reaping the rewards with the lack of mopping that now needs to be done – the difference is massive, and it makes my life much easier to know that the garden’s clean and safe for everyone. I have been no good at pretending to people that the lawn is real. I’ve told everyone who’s admired it that it’s not – and been proud to do so! I’ve already passed on the last sample you gave us to a friend who is interested and I know I have someone else who wants to come see it as she has dogs too and is thinking along the same lines.

Again, thank you for doing such a great job on both the front and the back gardens. The guys that did the work were hard workers who never seemed to stop, but at the same time they were a friendly and polite bunch and it was a pleasure having them around. We were delighted to see the place transformed so speedily and so well.

Again, many thanks to you and to your crew for the job you did.

Best regards,
Alison Murphy