NOTE – For more comprehensive information, please see aftercare instructions and advice in your post installation warranty pack.

Weeds, by definition, grow where they shouldn’t.

In concrete, tarmac and even out of block walls.

As a plastic non infill surface, our Sanctuary grass range is a very low maintenance option and weed growth is rare. A vulnerable point is around the perimeter where debris can build up over time.

‘Round Up’ or any other weedkiller can safely be used. Once it is periodically brushed there should be no issue. We recommend brushing with a hard nylon yard brush to keep the turf clean, spruced up and in an upright position. Alternatively, one could use a leaf blower or even a hoover which also works well!

On occasion, airborne seeds can take hold (as per the pictures in the slider). They are very easy to spot. Such weeds, will have germinated from above (as opposed to growing up from beneath the grass) and therefore are very easy to remove by pulling. The roots typically are very thin and shallow therefore cannot penetrate the plastic backing of the grass.