A school artificial grass story

Aug 6, 2020 | Primary and Secondary Schools, Recent Projects

schools artificial grass in Westport

A school artificial grass success story!

We got a call from this school at the beginning of Summer, as they wanted to transform a tarmac area in their school …

They area wasn’t getting much use and the school wanted to maximise the use of their outdoor area for sport and for general break time. We proposed a design that included a red and black running track with our green artificial grass in the middle with white markings that can be used for multiple sports.

Along with the school principle we agreed that that deign would suit the needs and the wants of the school and it would be the perfect design for all sporting activities and break time games.

The surface before we installed our artificial grass was tarmac. There was issues with levels in the area so we installed a layer of shock absorbing foam and self-levelling company to ensure levels in the area were correct.

We then installed our Schools artificial grass on top of the shock absorbing foam. Our schools grass is 10mm in pile height and is specifically designed for the creche and schools market. The artificial grass is short enough that all sports can be carried out on the surface and balls can bounce. Our artificial grass is non friction burning so there is no need to worry about grazed knees.

Our schools artificial grass comes with a 10 year manufactures warranty, however, rest assured the longevity of the product will last a lot longer than that.

The finished space just looks fantastic. A once bleak tarmac area is now transformed in to a vibrant multi-functional space. It is the perfect space for the children to run and play.

schools artificial grass in Westport
schools artificial grass in Westport