Sanctuary Synthetics are offering a whopping :

30% OFF our Front Gardens – exclusively – to our existing customers.

That’s 30% OFF both Grass AND Installation until the end of February.

The average front garden is a bit less than 1/3rd of the average back garden, so we are passing the savings onto you by cutting 30% off.

So, If you have already gotten your back garden done with us and it has proven its ability to you,why not put your lawnmower out to pasture forever* and avail of this special offer.

The only conditions of this offer is that you must be a previous customer and you must avail of the offer before it expires at the end of February.

For more information contact us today on : 045 901970 or email us on : info@sanctuarysynthetics.ie

* As an additional bonus you can avail of our €50 lawnmower scrappage scheme. We will knock off an additional €50 from the total of your garden in exchange for your now redundant lawnmower, regardless of its condition.

Please note : If you are not an existing customer but are interested in getting either your front or back garden done, call us on 045 901970 or email us at  : info@sanctuarysynthetics.ie and we will do our best deal possible for you throughout the months of January and February.