When you think of artificial grass your mind goes straight to thinking it is mainly used to transform lawn spaces. This is not always the case.

Being in the game for nearly 20 years we have seen our fair share of creative uses for artificial grass. Sure look at us, our vans are covered in artificial grass and even our offices are head to toe artificial grass. Our running joke in Sanctuary HQ is that if you stay still for long enough you will get covered in artificial grass as well haha. We are constantly thinking of new and fun ways to use our artificial grass products.

Recently we were approached by a customer that was simply fed up with planting flowers and shrubs in there raised bed only for them to die in the colder Winter months. They were looking for a solution to keep the bed a vibrant colour, but they wanted zero to little maintenance.

From the customers brief we knew we had the right solution for them. Artificial grass.

Even though this was a small raised planter we carried out full groundworks to ensure that there would be no problems with weeds or drainage in the future. We installed our REAL artificial grass to give the sleeper bed a vibrant yet realistic look.

It might be a small portion of the garden but the difference the artificial grass has given this once dull raised sleeper is amazing. The raised planter is now vibrant and maintenance free which is exactly what the customer wanted.

Artificial grass is a product that can be used for a multitude of uses from installing on to a slippery deck to make it a safe usable surface to installing it our very own Sanctuary Synthetics animals that can be used to rent out to customers for events, promotional use and the list goes on.

We are confident we have the right solution for you no matter how big or small the job at hand is.

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