Another drab and dreary looking courtyard transformed into a safe play area with our artificial grass.

This one was at Poppintree creche which is part of St Josephs Junior School, Ballymun.

While the cobblelock surface was in good condition and clean, it did not suit the purpose of providing a safe playsurface for the children to play on. Cuts and grazes were a frequent complaint.

Our grass is non slip, non friction burn and provides a soft surface to play on – finally an end to cuts and grazes!

It really transforms this dull looking courtyard into a bright and cheerful play area. Bet the kids can’t wait to get out to play on it each day now.

A NOTE ON MANHOLE COVERS & DRAINS : You will notice in the before picture there were quite a few drains in this courtyard. To allow future access we cut the grass and glue it to the lids of the drains which will allow maintenance work to be carried out on the drains by simply lifting the lids as normal. This is practically invisible to the eye, you can hardly notice it in the pictures but each of the 5 drains have been covered in this method to allow future access. 



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